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Are Washing Machines Worth Repairing? See What Signs You Should Look For

by Ann Ferguson

Washer machines are essential, so they need to be in tip-top shape. They use pumps, hoses, drains, drums, switches, sensors, control panels, and filters to work correctly — any one of these can stop working. But are washing machines worth the cost to repair?

The answer depends on a few things, and we have the scoop! Learn more about the signs you should look for to help determine if you should pay for repairs or replace the whole machine.

How old is the machine?

Brand-new washing machine

The first indicator of whether you should repair your washer is how old the machine is. Typically, the shelf life of a washer is about 10 years, depending on how much wear and tear it has. So, if your washer machine is still reasonably young, and you spent a decent penny on it, it's definitely worth repairing. You'll get more out of your investment!

In addition, since newer machines are gentler on clothes and more energy-and-water efficient, repairing and protecting your investment makes sense. And because you're repairing instead of replacing, you prevent creating more electronic waste.

How complex is the issue?

Service repairman fixing washer

Another sign of whether your washing machine is worth repairing is the complexity of the issue — what's causing it not to work? Common issues are usually easier to fix, such as:

  • Washer quit spinning
  • Draining problems
  • Power issues
  • Water leaks
  • Funny noises
  • Water filling issues

These typically require simple fixes like replacing a part or wire, but if the issue is more complex, the cost of repair might outweigh the cost of your machine. Consult a professional repair service person to identify the problem first before deciding on a repair.

What brand is it?

You might not think it, but the washer machine's brand name is another factor to consider. Name brands are usually easier to fix than generic ones because the manufacturers offer more information on the appliances and have customer service hubs. Many name-brand companies generally have parts readily available and are relatively easy to access.

Off-brands don't offer as much information. And if it's a brand from outside the U.S., finding parts is more challenging.

Pro Tip: Most name brands offer warranties, so check if your machine is covered — if it is, repair is the way to go!

Cost Considerations

Washer machine filled with money

Of course, the repair cost is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Some parts are quite expensive, such as electronic boards or control panels, which can make fixing the washer more costly than buying a new one.

But relatively speaking, most other parts are inexpensive. And if it requires minor work, then the labor cost is worth investing more of your dollars. The best way to calculate it is if the cost of the repair is under 50 percent of the cost of a new machine, then it's worth repairing!

Pro Tip: Ask your local appliance service repair for an estimate of your machine before deciding!


The last indicator that your washing machine is worth repairing is the amount of wear and tear the machine has. Heavy use shortens the lifespan of your machine, so instead of the standard 10 year-shelf-life, your washer might go kaput much sooner. But if you've recently bought it within the last couple of years and used it for basic laundry needs, it's worth the repair.

You can even help extend the lifespan of your machine by doing routine maintenance like cleaning it often, turning off the valves regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating, cleaning and lubricating the valves, and cleaning the machine often.

It's Fixin' Time!

Service repairmen putting washing machine back after successful fix

There you have it — the answer to "is my washing machine worth repairing?" Of course, it depends on several factors, but repairing your washing machine is usually well worth the investment. And at Culligan of Le Mars, you can expect our team to repair your machine to works-just-like-new status!

Do you have any questions? Give us a call or stop by, and we'll get started on helping you fix your appliance repair issues!